“We aim to  improve the social and emotional wellbeing of the most disadvantaged families in the Ribble Valley, supporting them to enjoy the best possible opportunity to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.” – FRVF

What we do

What we do

The Ribble Valley is usually perceived as an area of affluence and prosperity and is therefore constantly overlooked in the identification of need and subsequently excluded from funding streams that support troubled families. Below the surface we can begin to understand that living in the Ribble Valley isn’t idyllic for everyone and there exist some of the elements of deprivation most usually associated with areas of high deprivation. Contributing factors include:

  • lack of social housing which means that families often have to rent privately and find that their housing benefit does not meet the cost of the higher than average private rental house costs;
  • a lot of jobs are in the hospitality trade, farming or tourism that are traditionally low paid;
  • and living in rural areas often gives rise to loneliness and isolation with diluted or non- existent services.

Ribblesdale Children’s Centre is at the heart of the work of the Foundation. Through the work of the Centre it is estimated that out of the families accessing additional services 90% are as a result of low mood of one or both parents. This often impacts on the wellbeing and mental health of the children in those families thus potentially constraining life chances at an early age.

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Interventions and Outcomes


The Foundation for Ribble Valley Families offers innovative interventions to promote mental health wellbeing and prevent mental ill health to identified vulnerable families in the Ribble Valley.

The approach merges Mindfulness with the appropriate one to one therapeutic intervention and offers tailored packages to parents suffering a variety of mental illness in addition to low mood. This approach helps people to identify changes that can be made in their lives in order to improve mood and enjoyment in daily living.

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Co – Founders

Fiona Maudsley (nee Owen) has worked with children and their families for 30 years. More latterly for the last 12 years as manager at Ribblesdale Children’s Centre in Clitheroe.

Whilst working in in this role at the centre Fiona’s work focused on ensuring that families with children under five years of age were supported through the varying challenges faced by parents through the early years.

With a keen interest in brain development and the recognition of the lifelong impact early years’ experience has on the rest of a child’s life Fiona became increasingly concerned about the prevalence of mental health referrals she was receiving for family support in the home from other professionals. In 90% of referrals received there was an element of low mood, anxiety or depression in either one or both parents. Wait times to see the local Minds Matter team were lengthy (8- 12 weeks) and Fiona was concerned about the impact this long wait was having on the young children living in this environment.

Along with a fellow colleague, Stephen Blackburn a trial using an intervention called ‘Fusion Therapeutic Life Coaching’ was undertaken. Parents would see Stephen (their coach) for regular hour-long sessions whilst their children were taken care of by children’s centre staff.

Evaluation of this trial proved it to be an overwhelming success with results way exceeding what had been anticipated.

Encouraged by the results of the trail and the positive impact that this had on the children Stephen and Fiona embarked on a journey to look at how this valuable work could be sustained the result of this journey being the development of The Foundation for Ribble Valley Families.

The charity held its official launch in July 2015 and moves from strength to strength with its work now being recognised by local GP’s one of whom sits on the board.


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